My Fingerprint is my PIN

MondoKey USB

MondoKey™ USB is a security device that addresses the threats security products are suffering.

Smart Card

The MondoKey Security System does not require PIN codes.

MondoKey PBA Key

Biometric data is stored only within the key; it cannot be hacked and maintenance of personal privacy is fully guaranteed.

My Fingerprint is my PIN

MondoKey Access Control Security Solution, MondoKey USB, is a universal tool for all situations and scenarios where fast, reliable and secure biometric verification based on fingerprint is required. No biometrics data ever leaves the key, no third party service involved, thus no hacking is possible.
MondoKey USB

MondoKey is a leading security products provider, including biometric systems, specifically high security installations, and is the manufacturer and supplier of the new MondoKey High-security Biometric USB Key technology.
Patented design

MondoKey is a patented design, where all biometrics data is stored on device and not in any database. This protects vital personal data from being misused by hackers and identity thieves with two levels of encryption for all device/host communications.
Access control

MondoKey assures secure data path thus also making it perfect solution for internet banking. With possibility of having multiple certificates each device can be used for different needs: internet banking, personal ID, medical care ID, driver license, etc.
Solid Security System

MondoKey security is guaranteed by data encryption to all levels. Biometrics sessions are secured with the ST Microelectronics Perfect Trust protocol, which has been specifically designed for biometric applications.

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Many people believe that in the event of a disaster their biometric information is on file someplace with a governmental agency and could be readily retrieved at a moment's notice. This belief is reinforced by television shows which depict law enforcement making nearly instantaneous identifications of suspects or crime victims. The reality is much more complicated.

SchwartzForensic Enterprises

Biometrics allow for error when scanning the user to provide better functionality and usability for its users. A FAR (false acceptance rate, which is the probability of accepting an unauthorised person user) and FRR (false rejection rate which is the probability of incorrectly rejecting a genuine user) are made to avoid the inconvenience of being a genuine user but being denied access. Assuming these rates are set correctly this allows biometric devices to differentiate between an authorised person and an impostor.

ItakuraTsujii, 2005

One useful way of thinking about biometrics is that they are used for one of two purposes: A) To prove that you are who you say you are (positive ID), or B) To prove that you are not who you say you are not (negative ID). To be effective, a biometric system must compare captured biometric data to a biometric database.

Electronic Frontier FoundationWho's Watching You?, 2003

Biometrics aren’t really futuristic any more, and even in as conservative a sector as banking they are being deployed in the mass market. Within 10 years, the economic payments system will begin to ‘know us,’ either through biometrics, optical sensor or facial recognition.

Joshua SiegelStoneCastle Partners, New York

A top secret internal audit conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) found the agency broke its own privacy rules and exceeded its legal authority thousands of times by spying on U.S. citizens illegally since it was given expanded powers in 2008, according to a recent report in the Washington Post. The audit found that most of the privacy breaches involved unauthorized surveillance of U.S. citizens and foreign intelligence targets.

Biometric UpdateAugust, 2013

In order to meet the demand for faster and simpler use of mobile, such as password-less mobile payments, the market must develop safe and reliable technologies for user identification. The market has taken the first step towards secure and reliable user identification technologies through the integration of fingerprint recognition sensors in smartphones. There is an 'enormous potential of digital identity verification for smartphones and tablets' as the industry moving towards a 'global mobile Internet ecosystem'.

Anne BouverotCEO, Morpho (Safran), 2015

Biometric Access Control Security System

Mondokey – My Fingerprint is my PIN