To 3 questions of the Millennium

Encryption, Privacy and Security,

MondoKey has the Answer.

MondoKey presents the first positive identification (pID) system that is able to use biometric personal data in the most trusted way to grant access to any kind of digital operation or transaction. MondoKey Biometric USB is a device that uses biometric identification as a means of preventing misuse in any range of applied devices.

MondoKey USB

MondoKey™ USB is a security device that addresses the threats security products are suffering. No biometrics data ever leaves the key, no third party security involved, no hacking possible.

Smart Card

The MondoKey™ Security System does not require PIN codes. A device that uses Biometrics Identification as a means of preventing misuse of applied devices. No third parties involved. No biometrics data ever leaves the key. No hacking possible.


Biometric data is stored only within the key; Patented Security Access Device with an embedded Personal Controller (PC) is able to use Biometrics data in the most trusted way to grant any kind of permission to any kind of digital operation or transaction.

MondoKey Worldwide Support

MondoKey is solving exactly what is needed.


Hong Kong, Central, HK

Office Australia

Mondokey, QLD, Australia

Research Center

University of Bologna, Italy

MondoKey Limited is a leading security products provider.

MondoKey Access control solution is a universal tool for all situations and scenarios where fast, reliable and secure biometric verification based on fingerprint is required, including biometrics systems, specifically high security installations for Correctional Centres/Prisons, Airports, Banks, Embassies and Government Buildings.

The development of MondoKey AC System took fifteen years.

MondoKey is a leading security products provider, including biometric systems, specifically high security installations. MondoKey is the manufacturer/supplier of the new High-security Biometric Key technology where each key has its own biometrics sensor embedded in hardware and can be integrated into high security systems.

  • Launching the first MondoKey product development in 2000
  • In May 2002 MondoKey patented the first Security Access Enclosure
  • Registered Worldwide Biometric Security Patents
  • Attending the Singapore Security Expo 2012
  • Adding additional Patent registrations in EU countries
  • Becoming members of The USB Implementers Forum, Inc., 2013
  • Joining Biometrics Institute Australia in 2013
  • Since 2014/15 contributing members of FIDO Alliance
MondoKey Specialties
  • MondoKey DC (Door Controller)
  • MondoKey Smart Card
  • MondoKey USB
  • MondoKey SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • MondoKey Web Services

As for 2017 predictions, there will be no turning back. In 2017, the semantics of applied regulations in digital communications and transactions will irreversibly change. The questions of Millennium are: The questions of Identity, Privacy & Security. And MondoKey, My Fingerprint is my PIN, has the answer.