My Fingerprint is My PIN

Presenting the world’s most secure Positive Identification (PID) system build upon Positive ID and identifies all authorized users within access control security. No biometrics data ever leaves the key, no third party security involved, no hacking possible.



Patented Security Products

MondoKey™ presents the world’s most secure Positive Identification Access Control Security System that depends upon Positive ID and identifies all authorized users.

Patented Security Access Device with an embedded Personal Controller (PC) is able to use Biometrics data in the most trusted way to grant any kind of permission to any kind of digital operation or transaction. It is a device that uses Biometrics Identification as a means of preventing misuse of applied devices. No third parties involved. No biometrics data ever leaves the key. No hacking possible.


Biometric USB

It is estimated that globally there are 15 – 20 billion mechanisms used for money transfers, passport, drivers licenses etc .. MondoKey Biometric USB can replace all of these with embedded security, no third party involved, no data ever leaves the key.

Security Card

It is estimated that globally there are 15 – 20 billion security cards; growth is difficult to estimate therefore we did not supply any figures for this. MondoKey Biometric Security Card is immune to hacking.

Personal Security Key Controller

It is estimated that globally there are 40 – 45 billion keys, increasing by 2 – 3 billion per year. MondoKey’s Personal Security Controller Key adds an additional security layer to how the keys operate.

My Fingerprint is My PIN

No signature, no password, no PIN, no third party security providers involved, no biometrics data ever leaves the key, no hacking is possible.
No Signature, no Password & no PIN

Authorisation process is established in the receptor body by comparison between a biocode of a user of the biometric key with a database located in the biometric key. No Signature, Password or PIN are needed.

No third party provider involved

Authorisation process is initiated by electrical connection between a biometric key and a receptor body and thereby making a communication with a server wherein the server will identify the biometric key upon making such electrical connection. No third party is involved.

No personal data ever leaves the key

Authorized biometric signature is derived from within the key and it is not transferred via any external computer or processor to generate an authorized biometric security access. No data ever leaves the key.

No hacking possible

Biometric Key and Access Control Server communicate via encrypted connection using matching private and public keys based on generation of a randomly based symmetric key and each message is unique. Thus no hacking is possible.

A Solution to Cyberspace Issues

Data Security and Biometrics are rapidly growing fields of the worldwide market. Internet Usage and World Population Statistics shows that the internet usage growth hasn’t stopped.

MondoKey Limited offers a solution to the cyberspace issues with simple integration in everyday life. While much recent research has been on ‘cyberspace’ security issues — from hacking through fraud to copyright policy — it is expanding to throw light on ‘everyday’ security issues at one end, and to provide new insights and new problems for ‘normal’ computer scientists and economists at the other.

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MondoKey Objectives

MondoKey’s objective is to bring its high-tech products to market and establish MondoKey as a leader in Security solutions of the 21st century. It is vital that a security business that deals with biometrics has both a distinguishable product from competitors and a powerful marketing channel.

MondoKey development is currently taking place at three locations: Hong Kong, Central (Headquarters), Brisbane, AU (Office) and Bologna, IT (Hardware and Software Development office). The final decision about the location of the Central office is currently being discussed within the MondoKey management.

Leading provider of security solutions

As a leading worldwide provider of high security solutions MondoKey has developed a state-of-the-art products for securing, among other aspects, computer data, storage and data transfers. We believe the only way of approaching security threats is to develop a line of totally new products based on modern technologies.

Solid Customer Base

Our initial focus is on Financial Institutions, Banks, Prisons, Airports, Embassies, High Security premises/rooms such as Casinos etc, any asset that requires a high level of security. In essence any high security organisation that has keys in their doors, needs MondoKey system.

MondoKey Advantages

My Fingerprint is My PIN – No signature, no PIN and no possibility of hacking the Mondokey Biometric Access Control system insure a secure placement on the worldwide security market.

The main advantages for MondoKey are contained in 3 world patents, valid until 2030, however one our worldwide trademarks “My fingerprint is my PIN” best describes what MondoKey has to offer.

Competitive Environment

Competitors act in various fields, such as licensing of technology for biometric readers, algorithm development and hardware. The new focus area of biometric security is lacking similar competition because MondoKey is the first with a qualified security solution and protection under 3 patented devices for businesses, governments and banks.

Competitive Analysis

Biometrics market is characterized by select market leaders with a global presence, competing alongside smaller and niche players. Few key global players include Idex Asa, Biometric Limited, Cogent Systems, Safran Morpho, Printrak International, Siemens Biometrics Center and Fujitsu Microelectronics America among others.

Market Analysis

The use of electronics in people’s personal life is growing every day, thus protection of individual information becomes a more compelling problem that can easily be solved by MondoKey.

The market for Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems and Fingerprint Biometric Technologies account for the greatest share of the global biometrics market and is forecasted as the main source of overall market revenues from 2010 to 2015. This sector is valued at $5.2 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $10 billion in 2018.

MondoKey Security Market Segmentation

Market Penetration

Our first aim in conquering the market will be in presenting our products to the world biggest security and engineering exhibitions.

After the first step is accomplished, MondoKey will adjust the price of products to be more appealing to consumers when compared to the competition. Further market penetration is going to be realized with various marketing methods to get MondoKey products into the hands of consumers, making them more readily available.

MondoKey Security Parameters

Potential Future Competition

MondoKey will occupy a special place in the security industry, with its focus on High End Security System. The sophistication and high-end engineering represents a unique opportunity for MondoKey to expand in a rapidly growing market.

Although MondoKey is currently the only company providing highly sophisticated and secure technology, competitors do exist in different worldwide areas. In order to stay competitive, MondoKey will establish itself as the leader in the data and biometric security market with its superior product knowledge and high-quality security services.

Target Customers

Our initial focus will be on Financial Institutions, Banks, Prisons, Airports, Embassies, High Security Premises: such as Technology Laboratories, Archives, Casinos etc. Any asset that requires a high level of security in essence, any high security organization that has keys in their doors, needs this system.

Market Approach

The initial market concentration will be in USA, Asia and Europe. Afterward, additional market organizations or sales/representative offices are meant to be established in Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

Investment Opportunity

Our objective is to bring products to the market and to establish MondoKey as a leader in Security solutions of the 21st century. This requires further investment so that the potential of MondoKey products can be realized.

In its current stage MondoKey Limited is moving into the concluding stage of growth, finalizing development of production ready devices and launching the MondoKey High Availability Security System to the market. MondoKey Limited HK offers the Investor a Share holding of the MondoKey Limited.

Investment Enquiries