Aerendir is teaming up with SiFive in an effort to make AI more affordable for device manufacturers. The partnership anticipates that there will be a rising demand for IoT technology following the launch of commercial 5G networks.

To that end, Aerendir will leverage SiFive’s RISC-V Core to provide
manufacturers with cost-effective on-device AI. The technology will facilitate
the creation of IoT devices that will be more efficient because they will be
able to process data locally and will not need to rely on a cloud connection to
analyze the information collected through the device.

“A user-friendly connected IoT ecosystem requires
ultra-smart, low-cost components that can perform adequately without relying on
the cloud,” said Aerendir Mobile CEO Martin Zizi. “Cloudless connectivity also
enforces everyone’s privacy.”

“The combination of Aerendir’s IP with SiFive’s configurable
RISC-V cores will help to drive the adoption of true AI at IoT edge and end
point, where machine learning can benefit both industrial IoT and consumer
device functionality,” added SiFive CEO Naveed Sherwani.

In addition to its low cost solution, Aerendir will make intermediate
and high end versions of its on-device AI technology available to customers
with a higher equipment budget.   

Aerendir is best known as the developer of NeuroPrint, which measures muscle vibrations to authenticate users based on the unique signals being sent inside a person’s brain. The latest news comes shortly after China launched 5G networks in 50 cities across the country. Nokia and Telia have also established a 5G connection at a Helsinki mall.

Of course, Aerendir is not the only company that expects 5G communications to fuel an IoT technology boom in the next few years. Tech giants like Samsung, Qualcomm, and NEC have similarly been working to get ahead of the curve by upgrading their 5G capabilities.

November 12, 2019 – by Eric Weiss

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