Identity verification specialist Onfido is preparing to share some expert insights with an upcoming webinar event. Entitled “5 identity fraud predictions for 2020”, the hour-long webinar is slated for Thursday, November 14th starting at 2:30pm GMT.

The webinar follows the publication of Onfido’s 2019 Global Fraud Index, in which the company’s analysis concluded that an estimated $5 trillion is lost to fraud every year, with only one percent of those losses ever recovered by authorities. As an anti-fraud specialist offering biometric authentication solutions, Onfido is going to leverage this expertise in the webinar by offering predictions about what kinds of security threats and vulnerabilities are going to be prominent in 2020, among other forecasts.

As for the specific conduits of that expertise, Onfido will have three presenters on the webinar panel: Global Document & Fraud Expert Michael Van Gestel, Senior Document Specialist Dimi Radu, and Senior Document Specialist Simon Horswell. These individuals represent Onfido’s document specialist team, which has previously advised document printing companies, border security officials, and even INTERPOL.

Onfido’s webinar event is poised to make a suitable companion to the previous day’s expert panel on biometric security and financial services, “Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance“. Organized by FindBiometrics in partnership with Money20/20, this discussion will feature Onfido’s CEO, Husayn Kassai, as well as BioConnect CTO & CISO Courtney Gibson, IDEMIA VP Gary Jones, and Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Maxine Most; and it will be moderated by FindBiometrics Editor in Chief Peter Counter. This 45-minute webinar event is slated to begin at 11:00am Eastern Time on November 13th, and, like Onfido’s webinar the next day, is free to attend.

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