In the world of mobile security, Yoti has long been one of the
more outspoken voices calling for greater corporate transparency, regularly boasting that it places
the interests of its community above all other considerations.

That commitment is reflected in the company’s latest
blog post
, which details some of the compliance measures that Yoti follows
in order to safeguard the personal information of its customers, such as Yoti’s
ISO 27001 and PAS 1296 accreditations. The former is the current international
benchmark for information management, while the latter gives consumers a degree
of confidence that online age gates will actually function as intended.

The third accreditation – for SOC 2 Type 1 (Security) – is a
business auditing standard considered rigorous enough for governments
and major banks. 

“Receiving a flawless report (which we did) on a first attempt is almost unheard of,” said Yoti’s post in reference to SOC 2. “So when we say that security and privacy are our priority, you know we really mean it.”

That’s the ultimate takeaway from the blog post. The company is making a sincere effort to back up its words with actions, as Yoti did when it sought out the Fair Tax Mark as a sign of corporate responsibility. Yoti is trying to make itself accountable. That, in turn, allows users to trust the company’s processes and intentions.

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