Ondrej Vlcek and Garry Kasparov (shown above at previous event) will address the evolution of artificial intelligence at the Digital Transformation Expo

Autonomous devices gobbling Big Data and learning via artificial intelligence sounds like a dystopian nightmare facing humanity. 

In reality – while there are challenges – AI also presents many opportunities for cybersecurity, Avast Chief Executive Officer Ondrej Vlcek and Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov will say in a keynote address at the Digital Transformation Expo in London on Thursday.

ondrej“As with any new technology, this will bring new challenges, but also new chances to create stronger security for consumers,” Vlcek (pictured) plans to say in the address. 

For emerging IoT technologies and the AI behind them to work, they need to be fed with big data, and that can put people’s security and privacy at risk. In the United Kingdom, Avast recently scanned over 400,000 home networks and found 28% of IoT devices there are vulnerable to attacks.

But emerging technologies also bring new opportunities for security, Vlcek plans to say, noting that “Avast has a network of hundreds of millions of sensors that feed our AI with data so that we  can detect threats quicker and protect our users better.” 

The IoT and AI industries are evolving, Vlcek plans to say, and cybersecurity can begin to organize devices and vulnerabilities better. “To protect smart homes, we need to first classify devices. We’re no longer dealing just with PCs and smartphones, but with thousands of different devices, from light bulbs, to security cameras, to smart fridges. Artificial intelligence allows us to automatically classify the devices, which helps us to prepare adequate protection mechanisms for these devices.”

Kasparov will note that “instead of fearing the risks, we need to focus on opportunities these technologies will bring us.”

After their keynote, Kasparov will be joined by Galina Alperovich, senior machine learning researcher at Avast, for a panel on AI ethics in business. 

Later in the day, chess master Kasparov – who famously played IBM’s Deep Blue computer in the 1990s – will challenge 15 opponents, simultaneously, in an exhibition chess match.

The Digital Transformation EXPO Europe conference, now in its 15th year, features 300  speakers, 260 exhibitors, and attendees from the IT, cybersecurity and Big Data industries.

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